Asia Perspective to facilitate a Swedish Chamber of Commerce hosted training workshop on Successful Sourcing

January 30, 2014

On March 13th, Asia Perspective and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China will jointly host a full day training workshop on the topic Successful Sourcing. The aim for the day is to provide the participants with the tools and business intelligence to improve strategic decision making in procurement. Dr. Martin Lockström, Partner at Asia Perspective, will lead the work shop as well as a panel presentation and debate with experienced company representatives working with sourcing in China today.

Most foreign enterprises operating in China are today at a crossroad. With rapidly rising labor costs, China is no longer the low-cost country it used to be, and hence companies are forced to make long-term strategic decisions on where to localize their activities. In procurement, this has typically implied searching for suppliers in the Chinese hinterland, or elsewhere in Asia. However, as supply chains are heavily intertwined, such decisions are often very complex.

The aim of this workshop are threefold: First, to give an overview of the macro-level attractiveness of different sourcing markets based on a research study that Asia Perspective conducted jointly with China Europe International Business School last year. Second, to elaborate on key decisive factors to consider in supplier localization decisions, and third, to jointly generate scenarios on the future of sourcing together with the audience. In sum, the overarching goal of the workshop is to provide the audience with the tools and business intelligence to improve strategic decision making in procurement.

This full day training is specifically targeted towards members with experience of working with sourcing, thus the level of this training advanced.

For more information on this event, please visit the Swedish Chamber of Commerce website on the below link.